Business growth and development across all the sectors depend majorly on the information on their websites. These sites have information related to their business and industry. Managing and tracking of web traffic are essential, as it explains the number of visitors to a particular website. The number of users visiting the sites may or may not explore across all the information on the website. As a result, the solutions to manage the web traffic are; to retain a level of functioning of the sites and target only those visitors who can make an opportunity for your business growth. The success of the business depends on the conversion rate. The increase in the conversion rate It is further based on the importance the company provides on their websites.

Tracking the website traffic becomes essential due to three main reasons: the number of visitors visiting the website, escalating the usefulness of the website traffic with accessible content and increasing the conversion rate. All these together are known as website analytics. It helps the business not only to understand the count of customers but also to see if they are potential or not. In today’s business world, the marketing team has not only popularized its business on the websites but also through various apps. Some of the critical metrics for web analytics are visitors, referrals, conversion rate, bounce rate, and exit pages.

Visitors: This refers to the number of visitors who had visited the site at a certain point in time. The visitors or customers can visit the website as many times as possible also. The number of times a customer clicks the link is also an essential factor, which may convert them to a lead. This set of customers also denotes the size of the audience who have reached out to your website. The trend in which they visit the site, explains about the stickiness of the website. Also, taking appropriate measures based on various factors related to the customers, such as age, gender, and geolocations, we can enhance their experience. The way to present the information on the website also depends on the instrument the customers view the site. If the maximum number of views is through a mobile app, the data would be more appropriate if it is represented in a mobile-friendly way. 

Referrals: It refers to the source of these visitors or from where did they come. It can be either through some links that are present in the search engine, blogs, and other ads current on another website(s). The referrals will also account for those customers from other social sites. The source of traffic is an essential factor that promotes business. This factor is also tracked through web analytics. It also will establish a formal relationship with that site where the traffic is more for their business growth. Also, various strategies can be created to gain more knowledge about the exact referral who has improved business growth. 

Conversion Rate: Increase in the conversion rate is the primary metric in the web analytics field. It refers to those set of customers who have completed purchasing from the websites. This factor measures the importance of your business on the site. On a negative side, if the conversion rate low, it refers to attracting the wrong kind of visitor on the website. This situation can also see to not providing a proper solution to the visitor. This can occur either due to the unavailability of the solution or an error on the website. A higher frequency of monitoring and evaluating the business conversion rate on the website should be maintained.

Bounce Rate: The term ‘bounce‘ refers to the customers to visit the site, but clicks the back icon or closes the website. It may be due to the customer not finding the correct information on the website or is not interested. Another reason can also be that the visitor has accidentally opened the site and has closed it down. As a result, the bounce rate; is calculated as the ratio of the number of visitors who accidentally have opened the website to the total number of visitors to the site. This value cannot reach zero, but reducing it to a value near to zero is possible. When to arrive at a low cost of the bounce rate, it is essential to evaluate the material on the website. Providing the necessary and right information will keep the visitors moving around on the site without logging out. Linking together the referral data and bounce rate will give the info about which other websites are providing a higher bounce rate and vice-versa. However, on the flip side of the coin, a single visit to the website can also increase referrals. Let’s take a case where the customer opens the website and makes a call to the phone number on the site and books an appointment and closes it immediately. The booking is a positive signal, but the visit to the page is only once. In this case, the bounce rate does not increase.

Exit Pages: The term ‘exit,’ an important metric, refers to the user visiting multiple pages on the website and then exiting. It also provides useful information as to on which page the customer is exiting after moving across the various pages. Taking this as a goal, it is necessary to improve those pages and make the users flow to end by purchasing the products. Redesigning and modifying the pages on the website are the main strategies to be looked into at this stage.

Web analytics and their significant role in business traffic is a necessity to improve the business of the industry online. Electing all the metrics or the major ones and refining them is an important task. The math with numbers across these metrics provides a piece of better information as to where to improve on. At this stage, there are a lot of tools that have used for web analytics.


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