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The origin of the name Odayba

Odayba comes from the name Odaiba which is the name given to a group of artificial islands built in Japan in 1853. These were built following the hostile visit of Commodore Matthew Perry who made Japan realize the blatant technological backwardness it had on the rest of the world.

Thus, Japan had 2 choices: flee or evolve. 

It was therefore following this event that Japan took the initiative to build the Daiba Islands for defensive purposes in order to resist the attack by Matthew Perry's fleet.

In the same perspective, the Odayba company was created at the dawn of a pandemic which resulted in the isolation of the world population. This event defied all the laws of probability and forced the planet to have a unique experience. In March 2020, businesses around the world faced the same choices as Japan in 1853: close or adapt.